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Help protect your grout from spills - colas, wine and more!

We get this question all the time.  There is a simple test that you can do to see if your grout has been sealed.  Simply take a tablespoon of water and pour it over a clean area of grout.  Does it bead or absorb?

If the water beads, then you are in luck, your grout has been sealed. However, if the water is absorbed, then your grout is not sealed or has been sealed with a penetrating sealant which is not as effective as a topical sealant.  Sealing your grout is so important, because grout is porous and to reduce its porousness a sealer should be applied.

Having sealed grout will reduce any staining that can occur from spills and heavy foot traffic and in rooms that have high humidity, ie. bathrooms, sealing can help prevent moisture from getting into the grout and destroying your tiles.  Additionally, grout tends to wear away more quickly when it is not sealed, so it will crack and become hard to manage.  This will lead to having to replace it more often than if it had been maintained regularly with sealing.  

Please note that sealing is a service that should be done every 18-24 months.


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