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A shower curb, also referred to as a threshold, is the ‘protective barrier’ ledge of your shower floor that prevents water from escaping.  This is the area that you step over when entering the shower stall.  

In our experience this area, as well as your
shower floor are probably the most incorrectly built areas that we see in a shower enclosure.

In some cases, the tiles may be slightly loose but not enough to cause visible movement or gaps. In these situations, the grout can crack due to the stress caused by the slight movement of the tiles. Even if the tiles do not appear loose, it's important to address cracked grout as 

soon as possible to prevent further damage or potential safety hazards.  

Why is my shower curb failing?

Water damage:

Water is constantly present in showers, and if the curb is not properly waterproofed or sealed, water can penetrate into the curb and cause damage over time. This can lead to cracks, rot, or deterioration of the curb material, resulting in failure.

Poor installation:

If the shower curb is not installed correctly, it may not be structurally sound or able to withstand the stresses of regular use. For example, if it is not properly secured to the underlying subfloor or wall, it may become loose or shift over time, leading to failure.

Wear and tear:

Showers are high-traffic areas and are subject to regular use, which can result in wear and tear on the curb. Over time, the constant exposure to water, cleaning agents, and foot traffic can cause the curb to degrade, crack, or break, leading to failure.

Incorrect material selection:

The type of material used for the shower curb can impact its durability and performance. If a poor-quality or inappropriate material is used, such as a weak or porous material, it may not be able to withstand the moisture and stress of a shower environment, leading to failure.

Lack of proper maintenance:

Like any other part of a bathroom, shower curbs require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity. If they are not properly cleaned, sealed, or inspected for damage, issues may go unnoticed and result in curb failure over time.

Movement in the building structure:

If the building structure experiences shifting or settling, it can affect the stability of the shower curb. This can cause cracks or gaps to form, leading to failure.

Impact or excessive force:

Accidental impact or excessive force, such as dropping a heavy object on the curb or applying excessive pressure, can cause the curb to crack, break, or fail.

It's important to ensure proper installation, use appropriate materials, conduct regular maintenance, and address any issues promptly to prevent shower curb failure and ensure a functional and safe showering area. Consulting with a professional or a qualified contractor during installation or renovation can help ensure that the shower curb is properly designed and constructed to minimize the risk of failure.


If you notice cracked grout in your tile installation, it's best to have a professional tile installer assess the situation to determine the cause and recommend the appropriate solution. In some cases, the loose tiles may be able to be repaired without having to replace the entire installation. However, if the damage is extensive, it may be necessary to replace the affected tiles or the entire installation.

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