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Did you know that damaged grout can lead to costly repairs?

Cracked / damaged grout can not only look unattractive, it can lead to costly water damage.  One of the most requested inquiries we receive is for grout replacement.  While total grout replacement is desired because it allows for complete color uniformity, there are draw backs to this.
1.  New grout does not bond to old grout.  For grout to be replaced old grout needs to be completely removed and then new grout can be installed.  Applying new grout over old grout will create what is called overburden grout which over time will flake away creating inconsistency in grout lines and make your tiled area look unattractive.
2.  When cutting out grout there is a risk of chipping tile or skipping up onto tile which creates scratches.  The most experienced tile expert can have this issue.
3.  The application of new grout never has the same bond as when the tile was initially installed due to the fact that it is incredibly difficult to remove all of the residue from the old grout to allow a good, clean bond for the new grout.

While The Grout Genie does provide spot repair for grout in areas where it may be damaged or missing, we  do not recommend complete grout replacement. 

If the desire is to achieve complete color uniformity we have other options available that will achieve this result.

Please note that should you have missing or cracked grout in areas, this can be repaired properly with  new grout and we do provide this spot repair option.

Lastly, never, ever apply silicone caulk to your grout lines.  While it is easy to apply silicone to those areas, this is an improper way to utilize silicone caulk and it leaves a residue in grout lines which is incredibly difficult to remove in preparation for grout repair.


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