kitchen floor with color sealed grout lines


Grout Color Sealing

Grout is porous, absorbent and can discolor when dirt and grime becomes deeply embedded.  An excellent solution for uneven grout color or for areas that require extra protection  - like bathrooms or kitchens is color sealing.  This process is essentially like painting your grout, but with a special solution specifically made for this purpose.

Their are many companies that offer color sealing as an option, however, The Grout Genie is one of very few in the area that offer a 2 part epoxy color seal.  Our color seal binds to the grout allowing for a strong, reliable adherence to the grout unlike other color seals that are latex and can peel away over time.  Additionally, our color seal prevents spills from penetrating into the grout, meaning that cola, wine, soy sauce (the most highly staining liquid) will sit on the surface of the color seal not allowing for it to embed into the grout.  

Color seal is excellent for showers and tub areas as well.  While mold can grow and embed into grout and silicone, with our color seal, it can only grow on the surface allowing for it to be wiped away with ease. 

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