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Complete tile and grout services done right!

When you hire The Grout Genie for your tile and grout restoration and remodeling needs, we promise to provide excellent customer service, quality workmanship and professionalism.  Our friendly technicians will arrive as scheduled, walk the work order with you, answer any remaining questions that you may have and complete your project to your satisfaction.

Skilled Professionals
Our employees are fully trained.  They are craftsmen and craftswomen who are continuously building their skills to learn the latest products and processes in the industry.

Friendly and Courteous
Respect for our customers is one of our core values.  Our technicians will treat you and your home with consideration.

Respect for Property
We'll never leave a mess behind.  Our technicians will take care and diligence in taking necessary precautions in protecting the area's surroundings as well as cleaning up after the work is completed.

Drug Testing and Background Checks
The Grout Genie is a drug-free workplace that does formal drug screenings and thorough background checks on all prospective employee candidates.

Ready To Schedule Your
Free Assessment? 

We understand that it can be difficult to determine which services you may need for your specific situation. Our highly trained team are here to help.  We can evaluate your needs and provide recommendations to restore the beauty of your tile and grout.


Our goal is to provide you with the most effective solutions to meet your needs and ensure your satisfaction.


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